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Professional Aerial Filming from Drones

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Spider Aerial Filming specialise in aerial filming from remotely controlled unmanned aircraft, or known to some as Drones. We provide aerial filming services to the TV Production and high-end property industries.

Spider's drones can now deliver an unparalleled level of versatility in positioning cameras where others simply cannot go. No other filming system can take a seamless shot from the inside of a building and finish at 400ft (120 metres) above the ground.

Spider Aerial Filming operate a number of state of the art drones that between them cover all aspects of close range aerial filming and aerial photography. We can deliver exactly what shots are required, working with the client, who can view the live footage using our real time video uplink to the aircraft's cameras.

Television and film producers are always looking for ways of adding new and interesting content to their productions to keep their viewers entertained. Spider Aerial Filming provide their clients with unique and exciting footage which will make their audience wonder "how did they get that shot?!". The viewer can be made to feel as if they are actually riding on the aircraft, transporting them straight into the scene.


What is Drone Filming?

Drone filming is a rapidly growing industry where radio controlled unmanned aircraft, or Drones, are used to carry cameras.

These aircraft are extremely versatile and when flown by CAA authorised operators, are allowed to fly to 400ft in altitude and 500m away from the pilot. They are GPS enabled, so they know where they are in relation to where they took off, allowing them to return to home in the event of any technical issues. The drone is normally just under a metre in diameter and can travel at up to 50mph.

The camera is mounted on a gimbal underneath the drone, which is independently controlled by a camera operator who frames and records the shot. The operation of the gimbal is completely independent from that of the drone, allowing the cameraman to move the camera around in any position, no matter what direction the aircraft is going.

Shots recorded from drones are extremely dynamic. Not only can the camera be panning and tilting, at the same time the aircraft can also be moving sideways/forwards/backwards as well as climbing or descending, making for a very visually stimulating shot. These shots have a unique look and feel, and coupled with the drones ability to start from ground level, in a tunnel, or in a building, and then fly out climbing to 400ft in altitude in one uncut shot, makes this an extremely valuable addition to any Directors toolbag.
Normally there is also a live video link to the drones camera to allow the cameraman and Director to work together to get the perfect shot.


Property Films with Spider Aerial Filming

Estate Agents and Property Developers choose Spider Aerial Filming to produce creative and emotive films to showcase high-end property for sale. Vendors have been using video for years to help sell their cars and other items, so why not use it to help market the most valuable item most people own?
Still photographs and brochures don't even come close to the way we can portray a property in film.
With ever changing angles and new perspectives constantly being revealed to the potential buyer, the full beauty of the property can be shown-off. Spider Aerial Filming produces the film to music, giving the film feeling and flow, helping the buyer emotionally connect with the property.

Our films show the estate in it's full setting, connecting it visually with the surrounding features.
These can include it's proximity to the local village or amenities, it's position relative to the road network, or in some cases, just how quiet and private the setting is.


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