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By now we believe most people have heard of drone filming and understand what can be achieved with these fantastic aircraft. We have introduced a large number of production companies to the capabilities of drones ourselves.
Spider Aerial Filming are one of the pioneers of drone filming and technical motion filming. We have earned a wealth of knowledge and experience over the last three years of operation and have flown in hundreds of different places and situations. From flying out of the Beau Room door of Buckingham Palace to using our "Spider Glider" filming system in front of the world's most valuable racehorse, Spider is the only choice for any production company seeking an experienced and competent operator.

We specialise in doing the difficult shots such as pieces to camera with presenters and have worked with many well known names for many well known productions such as Panorama, Dispatches, 24hrs in A&E, ITV's Good Morning Britain, BBC One Show, The Motorway and Homes By the Sea to name a few.

We are different from those who can only do high, wide, slow shots. With safety always in mind, our capabilities are lower, faster and more versatile in tighter spaces that most others.

Spider builds and flys it's own state of the art aircraft which produce the very best quality footage with no need for any post production stabilization.

We look after many very happy clients and a large amount of our work is repeat business. We would be proud to offer references from this client list.

For those who might want some more information on what drone filming entails, please click here..

Some of our clients:

The Garden Productions
True North Productions
ITV Studios
Films of Record
Sunset + Vine
Shine Productions
Real Life Media
Maverick Television
Raise the Roof Productions
Brace Productions
ITN Productions
Greenlight TV
Twenty Twenty
Oxford Scientific Films
Rogan Productions
Scorch London
Chewton Rose
Spicer Haart
Cala Homes